Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ready... Set... Wait a minute... What did I forget?!

Hot Dog Cart... Check
Commissary... Check
Health department... Check
Commercial freezer... Check
Insurance... Check
Soooo close for our opener on Saturday.  Still waiting on the meat locker to finish the hot dogs.  I can honestly say: I've never ordered 200+ pounds of hot dogs in my life.  This is coming pretty close, but you'll know these will be the freshest hot dogs you've ever encountered.  They haven't been sitting in a freezer for months/years/decades?  They'll literally be only a day or two old!  Hot Diggity Dog!

Now it's time to determine what topping to carry on the cart.

Mustard (What kinds do you like?)
Relish (Should there be a spicy relish??)
Onion Crunch
Red Sauce
Hot Sauce
Pickle Spears
Celery Salt
Mayo Packets

WHAT AM I MISSING???????????

Things I can't do in McLean County:
- Chili
- Cheese
- Tomatoes
- Slaw

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